Monsanto Fund Supports Muny Community Outreach with $20,000 Grant

Helping make exceptional musical theatre accessible to all -

ST. LOUIS — The Muny proudly announces a generous $20,000 grant from the Monsanto Fund in support of Community Outreach, helping make exceptional musical theatre accessible to all. The Muny's annual Community Outreach program insures that 10,000 underserved and special needs audience members (at-risk youth, social service clients, group home residents, area arts non-profits and community service groups) are included in that accessibility, increasing engagement with and access to live musical theatre.

Monsanto Fund President, Deborah Patterson, remarked that "we are delighted to assist The Muny's Community Outreach program by helping in-need and special needs individuals join thousands of their fellow citizens in a remarkable St. Louis tradition. Everyone should be able to enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds The Muny has to offer."

The Muny is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is
to enrich lives by producing exceptional musical theatre, accessible to all,
continuing its remarkable tradition in Forest Park.

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