Muny/Webster Intensive

Your Career Starts Here

The Muny/Webster Intensive has been suspended for summer 2021.
Please check back in the fall for details on how to apply for our 2022 program.

Train for Tomorrow with the Stars of Today

Your musical theatre career starts now! Join America’s top young performers in a professional theatre training experience like no other. Share The Muny stage with Broadway and TV’s biggest stars. Get ready for a life changing experience. Challenge yourself with college-level classes at the Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University. Set your musical theatre career on the right path.

3 Weeks of Hands-On Training

This three-week program in St. Louis, Missouri invites 12 rising junior and senior high school students from across the nation to participate in an immersive theatrical experience like no other!

First Half

The first portion of the Intensive introduces you to the professional life of a performer. Students work under the direction and choreography of Broadway professionals. While rehearsing alongside the Equity cast, students prepare to perform in the Muny’s production for audiences of 10,000 a night. In intimate master classes, students also enjoy unlimited access to some of Broadway and television’s brightest creative talents.

Second Half

During the second half of the Intensive, students receive pre-collegiate training from the professors at Webster University. Classes include song study, acting, musical theatre dance, improv and audition technique. Students also have the opportunity to earn up to two college credits.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t this program open to St Louis residents?

St. Louis teens should audition for the Muny Teens. Any STL local teens cast for the season are eligible to participate in the Webster class portion of the Intensive. That cost is $500 and spots are limited.

Are there scholarships available?

Unfortunately we do not offer any scholarships. Tuition payments must be paid according to the calendar on our website.

What role will I have in the show? Will I have lines or featured moments?

You will be part of the teen chorus, joining local St. Louis teens that have already been cast. Exactly how the teen chorus functions in the show is the prerogative of the creative team, like all artistic and casting decisions. And it fluctuates year-to-year, show-to-show and team-to-team. You WILL have onstage moments, singing and dancing with the Equity cast, but you will not be in every number in the show.

Do I get tickets?

Yes! You are entitled to 2 comp tickets that can be used for any performance during the run. Additional tickets may be purchased online or through the box office.

What will we do in our masterclasses?

That depends on who’s teaching. Sometimes they have you sing 16 bars of your best song and break it down. Sometimes they teach you choreography. Sometimes you all just sit and talk about the business or how they got to where they are. Each artist brings different ideas to the table and we let them help shape the class in a way they feel is interesting for you.

Will I perform during every masterclass?

We always aim to have everyone perform during the masterclasses, but occasionally the time gets away from people. When that happens, whoever didn’t go starts the next session.

Where do we eat?

All over the place! Breakfast will be in the dorm. There is a kitchen and the program coordinator will do regular shopping to get whatever breakfast foods you like to eat. Lunch will be at the Muny canteen during the rehearsal process and the Webster cafeteria during classes. Dinner will vary and will often include fast food or take away choices.

What are the dorms like? Who do we room with?

There are 2 sets of dorm suites – 1 for guys and 1 for girls. Within the suite there are 3 bedrooms, 2 people per room, all sharing 2 bathrooms in the larger suite. You will be randomly assigned a roommate of the same gender. Our program coordinator will be next door in an RA room and lives at the dorm with you.

My parents are concerned about supervision…

You’re not a little kid, we know. But while you’re at the Intensive, you’re our responsibility. So, the program coordinator will be with you 24 hours a day – she lives in the dorm with you too. And you always travel as a group to and from The Muny and Webster. You eat together, live together, rehearse together, take class and perform together. You will form some incredible friendships over a very short period of time!

Do we get all the photos from our headshot session?

You will receive all the raw photos files from your session. They will not be photo-shopped or color corrected. They will be sent by August 30th.

Webster University – Conservatory of Theatre Arts

At Webster University’s Conservatory of Theatre Arts, the faculty and staff execute a professional training program for acting, musical theatre, directing, theatre studies and dramaturgy, design, technical theatre, and stage management.