Show Guidelines

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers features rousing, high-kicking dance numbers, heartfelt romance and soaring songs and is suitable to entertain the entire family.

Based on the Academy Award-winning 1954 film, it’s an age-old tale of wooing and winning, with oldest brother Adam and his assertive young bride, Milly, living in the 1850s Oregon wilderness. Milly attempts to civilize and marry off her six rowdy brothers-in-law, but her plan goes comically wrong. It’s a classic battle of the sexes – a western rollick with some of the most iconic choreography in musical theatre history.

With seven times the fun, this unforgettable joyride through the Oregon frontier features whistle-worthy favorites, including “Bless Your Beautiful Hide,” “Goin’ Courtin’” and “Wonderful, Wonderful Day.”

The word damn is used.

Sexual Innuendo
A few songs contain sexual innuendo. During the song “We Gotta Make It Through The Winter,” the brothers sing about their affection and attraction to their brides.

Drugs and Alcohol
Alcohol is mentioned twice and chewing tobacco is referenced one time.

A lumberman gives Milly a hard time, and Adam fights him.

Several scenes contain physical skirmishes between the suitors and the Pontipee brothers, one of which involves guns

Mature Content
The show presents antiquated notions of marriage, given the fact that Adam is looking for a wife to take care of the chores his brothers don’t want to do. He believes he knows what a woman’s place is and how to keep her there. However, Milly shows him she’s her own boss.

The song “Sobbin’ Women” has sexist tones about how the Romans carried off women when they needed them for domestic purposes on their new territories.

The brothers’ misguided attempt to woo townswomen culminates with the carrying off of their brides in a silly, tongue-in-cheek manner. Ultimately the brothers must earn back the respect of the women and atone for their actions.