A photo of The Muny from the front of the building, featuring lake parallaz and the gazebo in Forest Park. Second Century Campaign.


The Muny Endowment

Endowment gifts secure The Muny for generations to come.

Investing in The Muny’s Tomorrow

We were grateful to celebrate our 100th anniversary—and launch this campaign—in 2018. One of our ongoing goals is to ensure The Muny continues to thrive so this great community can celebrate The Muny’s 200th anniversary and beyond. Continuous investment in our endowment does just that.

A healthy endowment is critical to remaining accessible to all; continuing to produce theatre on its grandest scale; providing training and mentorship to the next generations of performers and technicians; and maintaining financial stability through unforeseen times.

General endowment gifts provide the flexibility to direct funds to the area of greatest need at the time, but donors may also designate endowed funds to one of the areas listed below. 

All Shook Up

Artistic Innovation and Production Enhancement

We encourage Muny creative teams to dream big in order to bring you as many “only at The Muny” moments as we possibly can each summer. Unfortunately, we are often forced to sacrifice innovation due to budget constraints. Things like more well-known actors, larger ensembles, pyrotechnics, flying and other elaborate onstage effects are regularly not possible. In addition, stage technology and production innovation evolve rapidly. As the Artistic Innovation and Production Enhancement Fund grows, we hope even more “only at The Muny” moments will be possible!

Education and Community Outreach

The Muny’s Crawford Taylor Education Initiative offers 10 programs to thousands of students. Through these programs, The Muny works with educators to bring musical theater directly into their classrooms, offers a range of opportunities for young performers and provides unique training and mentorship for those interested in theater production. In addition, The Muny also serves as a producing partner for The St. Louis High School Musical Theatre Awards. Beyond specific performance or technical theater training, participants also learn teamwork, collaboration, listening skills, discipline, focus and so much more.

STL Today Construction

Facilities Maintenance and Improvement

Whether it is a new roof, office equipment, concession facilities and equipment, seat repairs or technological upgrades, the often-unnoticed projects can be some of the most vital to The Muny’s operation. Ensuring that Muny facilities are safe, efficient and attractive for patrons, artists and staff requires constant attention and investment. The Facilities Maintenance and Improvement Fund is an investment in The Muny campus, structures and critical behind-the-scenes infrastructure.

Operational Sustainability 

The Operational sustainability funds allow The Muny to achieve one of our fundamental missions: accessibility. In addition to 1,500 free seats every night, we provide tickets to hundreds of social service organizations as well. Each summer, more than 100,000 people attend The Muny at no cost. In addition, the Operational Sustainability Fund is The Muny’s rainy day fund—in our case, literally and figuratively. For instance, in 2015 and 2016, we had seven rainouts representing $600,000 in losses. This fund helps protect, and grow, the business of theater, while also making Muny magic possible.

Interested in learning more about supporting The Muny Endowment? Contact our team today at 314.575.5771 or [email protected].

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