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The Young Friends are a group of young professionals united by a shared love for The Muny. Together, they invest in the future of our theatre and cultivate the next generation of its patrons. Becoming a member is easy—and best of all—free! 


  • Unique networking opportunities
  • Exclusive access to Muny events
  • Meet-and-greets with cast & crew
  • Volunteer opportunities & more!

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Leadership Council

The Young Friends are led by a council that coordinates member events and collaborates with The Muny to promote the theatre to professional and social networks.

Muny Liaison: Emily Parker, Marketing Manager
Muny Liaison: Jenny Pratt, Director of Major and Planned Gifts
Muny Liaison: Dylan Stanley, Public Relations Manager
Co-Chair: Caressa Davis, Navigate STL Schools
Co-Chair: Mike Torney, Moneta Group

Outreach Committee

Jeff Foster, Gateway Convention Center
Ashya Majied, Washington University
Kat Maugh, Armstrong Teasdale
Sara Rosso, Boeing
Megan Vanwaus, Self-Employed

Membership Committee

Alexis Hiemenz, Centene
Sloan Stuart, North Highland
Molly Budd, Professional Employment Group