Audience Guidelines

Your safety is our
top priority.

St. Louis, we've missed you. We are thrilled to welcome audiences safely back to unforgettable nights of musical theatre under the stars.

With the support of the City of St. Louis Health Department, The Muny will open at full capacity, utilizing each of its nearly 11,000 seats, including the 1,500 free seats offered nightly on a first-come, first-served basis.

Prior to your night at the theatre, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our new protocols.

Audience Guidelines

Patron Masking

Fully vaccinated patrons are not required to wear masks at The Muny. Patrons who are not yet fully vaccinated are strongly encouraged to wear masks at all times on campus, unless actively eating or drinking.

Cashless Transactions

Concession stands, kiosks and other retail transactions made on The Muny campus will be cashless and only offer credit, debit or Muny gift card payment options. 

Express Ingress

The Muny campus has deployed new, state-of-the-art metal detection scanners.  These new devices will allow a continuous stream of physically-distanced patrons to pass through security checkpoints without the delays typically associated with bag checks and handheld metal detection devices (or “wands”).

Hand Sanitizer

For your convenience, hand sanitizer dispensers will be widely available throughout The Muny campus.


As you certainly know, the only constant since we last saw you in person has been change. We appreciate your patience as we have moved from one plan to the next, but know you still have questions. Here are answers to the questions we’ve been hearing most:

What will happen with free seats?

Free seats will be available at 100% capacity on a first come, first served basis.

Will we lose our seats if we don’t feel comfortable coming to the theatre this summer?

Absolutely not! We understand some are not comfortable being in large crowds or are not fully vaccinated yet. If that’s you, please contact the box office directly (314.361.1900 press 1 ext. 550). You have the option to donate your season ticket investment, credit it to 2022 or request a refund. Regardless of your choice, your seats will still be yours next season.

Will Sweeney Todd and Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s Mary Poppins be in the 2022 season line-up?

Yes; this fall, they will be announced with five more titles!

Will we have to wear masks at The Muny?

Fully vaccinated patrons are not required to wear masks. Patrons who are not yet fully vaccinated are strongly encouraged to wear masks, unless you are actively eating or drinking.

What safety and security measures are being added?

You will notice new, state-of-the-art metal detection scanners at all gates. You won’t need to empty your pockets and, in most cases, will not have your bag or purse checked. Hand sanitizer dispensers have been made widely available across our campus. Our seating area will be thoroughly sanitized each day before your arrival. And, restrooms, concession areas and high-touch surfaces all will be cleaned even more regularly throughout the evening.

Will accessibility services still be available this season?

Yes! All Muny accessibility services will be available as usual.

What will the concession options be like this summer?

You can expect your Muny favorites at concession stands and Café One; however, Culver Pavilion will be on intermission until 2022. Please know, all retail transactions will be cashless. We can only accept credit, debit or Muny gift cards.

Will seat cushions and binoculars be available for rental?

Due to COVID-19, seat cushions and binoculars will not be available for rental this year.

Will there still be preshow entertainment/picnic opportunities?

Yes, preshow entertainment will be available on the stages on our east and west lawns. (Come check out our newly renovated Purina Plaza!) Entertainment on Lichtenstein Plaza (behind the free seats) will be on intermission until 2022. And, yes, you can enjoy Muny concessions or your own treats at the picnic tables around our campus.

Why isn’t The Muny offering any backstage tours this year?

We are creating (in essence) a bubble for our cast and crew. To maintain that bubble, we are not able to host patrons and/or donors backstage, or in any areas where cast and crew work and congregate.

Will actors still meet and greet fans after the show?

To maintain the required bubble for our cast, actors will not be able to visit with fans at the backstage gate.

What do I need to know about Muny Partner VIP parking?

Muny Partner VIP Parking passes now have a unique barcode that will be scanned at the gate (no matter the type of pass you have—mobile, print-your-own, paper). This means if you exchange show tickets this season, you will also need to exchange your associated parking pass. For more answers click here.

Not sure what’s going on? Contact MJ at 314.595.5731 with questions.

Patron Communication – Online and On Campus

All Muny Patron Policies and Sanitation Guidelines will be available on The Muny website, visible prior to ticket purchase and again upon ticket purchase completion. Policies will also be communicated in pre‐show emails to patrons. Signage will be located at entrances and throughout public spaces to encourage face covering policies (when necessary).