The Muny Centennial

The Centennial Gala opens The Muny’s 100th anniversary summer on May 18th, 2018. As a part of our rich history, The Muny has welcomed the pillars of St. Louis to this majestic theatre since our first days. The Gala continues this tradition as a dazzling celebration, and will also present “An Evening With The Stars,” an awe-inspiring stage performance created uniquely for this historic occasion.

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The Muny 100th Birthday Bash

In our 100th anniversary season, we are throwing a party for YOU, St. Louis! Live local entertainment, interactive behind-the-scenes demonstrations, themed activities for the kids and yes, of course, cake are just a part of the celebration. The day will be a fun, free and unforgettable gathering of a community that together, has accomplished the incredible triumph of sustaining America’s most historic musical theatre, right here in St. Louis. Join us Sunday, May 20th, 2018.

Muny Memories 100 Seasons on Stage

The Muny Memories exhibit at The Missouri History Museum is an enlightening and in-depth exploration of a tradition that is synonymous with summer in St. Louis. Experience the thrill of an audition, explore the often unseen backstage where the magic of The Muny is created and dive into the 100 years of ambition, excitement, triumph and community that defines The Muny’s rich history. This exhibit opens June 9th.