Our Team & Leadership

Our Team & Leadership Who’s behind the scenes

The Muny is led by a passionate group of theatre lovers. Our full-time staff manages the theatre’s growth and direction, while a seasonal staff of hundreds brings the Muny magic to life each summer.

The Muny Staff

  • Kwofe Coleman

    President & CEO



  • Barbara Echele

    Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

  • Joy Boland



  • Courtney Simms

    Director of Development

  • Cory Smallwood

    Associate Director of Major Gifts

  • Jenny Pratt

    Director of Individual Giving

  • Rosemary Gliedt

    Development Gift Manager

  • Delyn Stephenson

    Donor Relations & Stewardship Coordinator


  • Tali Allen

    Director of Education

  • Charlie Mueller

    Education Programs Manager

  • Gunnar Boucher

    Education Assistant


  • Tammy McKim

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Lindsey R. Galanti


  • Joey Kleba

    Accountant Assistant


  • Sean M. Smith

    Director of Operations

  • Tim McDonald

    Facilities Manager

Strategic Partnerships

  • Sara Saul

    Director of Strategic Partnerships

Human Resources

  • Sharon M. Stone

    Director of Human Resources


  • Amy Maier

    Associate Director of Marketing

  • Gabe Hartwig

    Communications & Public Relations Manager

  • Colby Dezelick

    Digital Content and Analytics

  • Jane Schell

    Group Sales Manager

  • Judy Sakai

    Print Project Manager + Visual Brand Designer

  • Emily Santel

    Marketing Coordinator

Box Office

  • Lawrence P. Walsh

    Director of Ticketing

  • Angie Walsh

    Assistant Director of Ticketing

Food & Beverage/Concessions

  • Laurie Waterhouse

    Director of Food and Beverage / Special Events Manager

  • Elizabeth Robberson

    Assistant Manager of Food and Beverage

House Management

  • Lindsey R. Galanti

    Director of Audience Experience

  • Lundyn Whitfield

    House Manager

  • Phil Campbell

    House Manager


  • Mike Isaacson

    Artistic Director & Executive Producer


  • Tracy Utzmyers

    Director of Production

  • Todd Moore

    Technical Director

  • Michael Baxter

    Associate Artistic Director

  • Ryan Harris

    Company Manager

John W. Lemkemeier • CHAIR OF THE BOARD

Tracy E. Hart • VICE CHAIR

Anna Reby Bertman • TREASURER

Edwin B. Broadhurst III • SECRETARY



Board Members

  • Benjamin Ola. Akande

  • Mary V. Atkin

  • Andrew S. Baur

  • Lee F. Bearman

  • Anna Reby Bertman

  • Akberet Boykin Farr

  • Suzanne S. Brauer

  • Edwin B. Broadhurst III

  • Louis A. Cella

  • Robert J. Ciapciak

  • Parker B. Condie, Jr.

  • Steven L. Finerty

  • June McAllister Fowler

  • Christopher Gagliano

  • Davida Lichtenstein Grindstaff

  • E. Douglas Harbison

  • Tracy E. Hart

  • Nancy M. Hawes

  • David A. Hogan

  • David M. Hollo

  • Rick Holton, Jr.

  • Celia L. Hosler

  • Gregory Iken

  • Hope Welles Jernagan

  • Steven T. Johnston

  • Grace Jones

  • Opal M. Jones

  • Ashley B. Kemper

  • Timothy J. Kertz

  • Christopher A. Koster

  • John W. Lemkemeier

  • Stephen D. Lilly

  • Kathryn E. Love

  • Michael Loynd

  • Richard H. McClure

  • Art J. McCoy

  • Michael P. McMillan

  • Richard L. Nix, Jr.

  • Henry B. Pflager III

  • Kitty McDonnell Pipoli

  • Elizabeth J. Schlesinger

  • Nicole Schnuck

  • Stephanie Schnuck

  • Tamara Sheffield

  • Sherry Sissac

  • Michele R. Sowers

  • Lucie N. Springmeyer

  • Mary Ann Srenco

  • Cori Cunnane Stebelman

  • Julio F. Suárez

  • Michael Torney

  • James S. Turley

  • Jasmina Walker

Emeritus Honorary Life Directors

  • Clarence C. Barksdale

  • Alice C. Behan

  • Thomas H. Brouster, Sr.

  • Carole L. Buck

  • August A. Busch III

  • Parker B. Condie

  • S. Bryan Cook

  • Clark S. Davis

  • Donald G. Fassold

  • Raymond R. Fournie

  • Ronald A. Fromm

  • Louis J. Fusz, Jr.

  • Earle H. Harbison, Jr.

  • Samuel B. Hayes III

  • Robert R. Hermann, Jr.

  • Douglas E. Hill

  • William F. Holekamp

  • Joseph F. Imbs III

  • Stephen G. Jansen

  • Bettie S. Johnson

  • Stephen C. Jones

  • Peter B. Krombach

  • F. Mark Kuhlmann

  • J. Mark Lashly

  • Michael D. Latta

  • James S. McDonnell III

  • Richard G. Millman

  • Steven C. Roberts

  • William N. Scheffel

  • Terry E. Schnuck

  • Hugh Scott III

  • E.C. Simmons III

  • David L. Steward

  • Elizabeth J. Stroble

  • Donald M. Suggs

  • Thomas R. Voss

  • John K. Wallace, Jr.

  • Douglas H. Yaeger