Technical Theatre Training (T3)

Technical Theatre Training Build a career behind the scenes

T3 expands the network of craftsmen, artisans and theatre professionals who work both locally and nationally in the entertainment industry.

About the Program

Under the guidance of The Muny’s production manager and technical director, T3 students will work each spring to build and paint a set for a local professional theatre company. The scenery will be designed by the theatre company but constructed and painted by the students. Through this process, participants will identify mentors in the union and establish relationships with local theatre companies, which can hire the students for future productions.

This program provides unprecedented training and mentorship to high school students in the industry of technical theatre, helping to create a path for professional success in these fields.

How to Participate

T3 is open to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. The program runs on Saturdays from March 2 to 23. Applications are open through Feb. 23.

Apply to join the T3 program as a student, and you’ll gain industry-level experience while working with professionals here at The Muny.

Partner Application

St. Louis-area theatres can apply to have students in our T3 program build the sets for your upcoming production.

About the Crawford Taylor Education Initiative

Named in 2019, the Crawford Taylor Education Initiative aids in the development of new arts education opportunities while improving current Muny education programs under a single, cohesive framework. This initiative strives to provide unprecedented, hands-on instruction and mentoring to youth performers hoping to pursue a career on or offstage in musical theatre.