A Greener Muny

Our Mission A Greener Muny

The rustling tree branches, the evening breeze, the chirping crickets and the occasional wild raccoon — they’re all part of the show at The Muny. 

What began as a grassy spot between two mighty oaks has grown into the nation’s oldest and largest outdoor musical theatre. So much of The Muny’s magic emanates from its natural splendor. We’re located at the heart of beautiful Forest Park, which at around 1,300 acres is one of the largest urban parks in the United States. Mother Nature takes the spotlight as often as our artists onstage.

We’re always working to improve our 11½-acre campus while also being good stewards of our home here in Forest Park.

After a multimillion-dollar stage renovation that followed our centennial season, The Muny once again is “the theatre between the mighty oaks.” Arborists, landscape architects and construction teams worked to ensure The Muny’s new iconic onstage trees would thrive. With a special infrastructure for aeration and irrigation, seven new trees — including oaks, maples and London plane trees — flank the new stage. Clones of those original oaks (one, estimated at 300 years of age, had been suffering from disease, and its roots had grown into the concrete) were planted on campus and will provide tangible green reminders of our roots for generations to come.

All marketing materials and show programs at The Muny are printed on recycled paper. It’s our way of completing the recycling loop and doing our part to preserve the environment. 

Corporate and Civic Partners

We’re fortunate to work with partners who share our desire to protect the environment and become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Missouri Department of Conservation

The Missouri Department of Conservation is The Muny’s Official Conservation Partner. We are proud to partner with the agency to sustain diverse, healthy plant and animal communities on The Muny campus today and well into the future.

Manchester United Methodist Church Bike Rehab

Manchester United Methodist Church Bike Rehab provides bikes to our performers and production staff as a way for them to commute to the theatre while breathing in the beauty of Forest Park. Their donation reduces the number of trips required by our artist shuttles, reducing fuel needs and lowering our carbon emissions.