The Muny’s Jingle Jam

Finish this sentence: “Meet me at The Muny, _________________!” That jingle, (bonus points if you sang it), is the heartsong of America’s oldest and largest outdoor musical theatre, The Muny. Now over 25-years-old, those 10 words extend a warm welcome to St. Louisans near and far to enjoy an unforgettable evening of Broadway-level entertainment beneath Forest Park’s starry sky.

Have you ever dreamed of putting your own spin on The Muny’s jingle? Or thought to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be cool if it went something like this?” Well, now’s your chance! The Muny Jingle Jam is a fun opportunity for amateurs and professionals alike to submit how they hear the iconic jingle.

Submissions are easy and simple:
Step 1: Choose from one of the six genres below. Or create your own entirely!
Step 2: Listen and rehearse with the track. Make sure your style and creativity shine through!
Step 3: “Take your place centerstage” and record yourself singing along.
Step 4: Submit your video via the form below.
Step 5: Share your best take on social media! Be sure to tag “@themuny.”

Please note: This is not a contest to find a new jingle. This is purely for creative enjoyment.

Pick A Genre

Arranged by Andrew Graham

Arranged by Noriko Sunamoto

Arranged by Noriko Sunamoto

Arranged by Andrew Graham

Arranged by Charlie Alterman

Arranged by Cory Brodack

Submit Your Own Version

Step 1: Fill Out Video Release Form

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