Program Partners

As a Muny Program Partner, a half-page or full-page ad will connect you with a St. Louis tradition, and with the active, attractive audience that enjoys world-class musicals under the stars. Plus, full-season partners enjoy a variety of special benefits, including Muny tickets and on-site access to Muny attendees.

If you have any questions please contact, Bill Borger, Director, Corporate Partnerships and Program Advertising at or (314) 595-5762.

Full Page (non-bleed) including any border:  4 7/8″ (4.875″) wide x 8 1/8″ (8.125″) high
Half Page including any border:  4 7/8″ (4.875″) wide x 4″ (4.0″) high
Full Page Bleeds (available at no extra charge):  5 13/16″ (5.8125″) wide x 8 7/8″ (8.875″) high, including 3/16″ (.1875″) bleed. Trims to 5 7/16″ (5.4375″) x 8 1/2″ (8.5″). (Allow at least 3/16″ (1.875″) bleed on all sides.
Keep image and text 1/4″ (.25″) inside trim; Trim lines on art should be outside of bleed area. Do not include printer color bars, registration marks or bleed marks inside bleed area.
Submission Preferences:

PDF with embedded fonts (high-resolution: minimum 300 dpi).
Send all art via email.

All artwork must be camera-ready to scale. If submitted artwork is not acceptable, you may be referred to a graphic artist. Contribution levels do not include design or alteration. Additional graphic design charges are the responsibility of the Program Partner and will be billed accordingly.

Email Art to: and

Optional Hard Copy for Proofing Mail to:

Bill Borger
Director, Corporate Partnerships and Program Advertising
The Muny
#1 Theatre Drive, St. Louis, MO 63112-1098

The Muny Program consists of 80 pages on coated 60# stock. Process: web offset, 4-color process. Replication from email subject to quality of file sent and cannot be guaranteed. Minimum Printing: 350,000.