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“A Perfect Family Musical”

“Annie” had the largest opening night audience (9,137) of the season, so far.

Few productions in the modern annals of American musicals has achieved the success and unfailing audience devotion of “Annie.” First produced at The Muny in 1978, this week’s show marks the 8th time Annie and her lovable mutt Sandy (Sunny is the dog’s actual name) have dashed across the grandiose Muny stage.

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Peyton Ella headlines as Annie. She is a talented youngster with a booming and sunshiny singing voice that perfectly matches the role. I was very impressed with the children’s choreography in this production, which is supplemented by a youth dancing ensemble that’s the size of a small army.

Christopher Sieber is a perfect Daddy Warbucks. Jennifer Simard as Miss Hannigan has a couple of comic schticks I bet you haven’t seen before.

A nice shout-out to veteran local actor Whit Reichert in the ensemble who does two roles wonderfully. Whit is a comic gem. Another local performer, Abigail Isom, is in the ensemble and actually played Annie in the Muny’s 2009 production.

“Annie” had the largest opening night audience (9,137) of the season, so far. The audience was charmed by this nearly perfect family musical that tugs at the heart. It runs through July 25.

“Annie” has earned its spot as one of the most endearing musicals in the modern history of theater. To paraphrase Annie in the second act, you’re gonna like it there!

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