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Muny History in Full Color

Muny History in Full Color

Muny volunteer archivist Dan Monahan recently brought some images from The Muny’s vibrant history to colorful life with a curated collection of colorized photos. This round of images spans from 1918-1942 and represent what Dan calls “artistically imagined” snapshots of what those black and white photos would have looked like at the time. 

Enjoy this glimpse of Muny magic over the years.

Inspection of theatre location (1916)

Robin Hood (1919)

Inaugural season (1919)

An afternoon rehearsal of The Mikado (1920)

Dancers from Woodland (1928)

Show Boat (1934)

The Free Seats (1938)

Summer Playground Pageant, Cinderella (1942)

Hit the Deck (1942)