Muny Partners

Muny Partners Help Us Make the Magic

Unlike for-profit theatres that host touring productions, The Muny creates a one-of-a-kind experience for our patrons, who feel a deep connection to The People’s Theatre.

The Muny started with a slab of concrete and an inspiring idea. But making world-class theatrical productions accessible to all would require a financial infrastructure that could stand the test of time.

Unlike many institutions in Forest Park, The Muny receives no tax support from the Zoo-Museum District or Missouri Arts Council. Tax-deductible gifts from donors provide the critical support that allows us to invest in infrastructure and upgrades in order to produce larger-than-life theatrical experiences. Your generosity also supports our Community Access and education programs.

It’s easy to make an individual gift. Together, we can create exceptional musical theatre, accessible to all.

Muny Partner Benefits Include …

Stage Visits and Backstage Tours

Partners at the Friends, Backers and Spotlighters level have access to onstage photo opportunities. Guarantors and above receive a private, behind-the-scenes tour in addition to the stage visit. Learn how a show is created and see a set under construction.

Merch and Food Discounts

Backers and above receive coupons** for free concession treats, plus discounts at Culver Pavilion, Café One and our merch stand. Please check the box on the reply form to waive these benefits if you would like your gift to be 100% tax deductible.

Spotlighter donors can take advantage of VIP parking on two nights during the season. Use it on a special occasion, or save it for when you’re running late and can’t find street parking. Guarantors and above get VIP parking for every show; arrive before 7:45 p.m. to ensure a space directly in front of The Muny.

**The value of your Muny Partner gift is tax deductible less the fair market value (FMV) of any benefit items you choose to receive. Please see your tax adviser for further information. Concession treats have a maximum FMV of $5.75 per coupon redeemed, and Culver Pavilion discounts have a maximum FMV of $10 per coupon redeemed.