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Muny Announces Muny Jingle Jam Series

The Muny’s iconic jingle, “Meet me at The Muny, The Muny in Forest Park!,” celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. In honor of the jingle’s silver birthday, The Muny announced today their new Muny Jingle Jam series. An opportunity for amateurs and professionals alike to submit how they hear the The Muny’s jingle, Muny-lovers can choose one of six accompaniment tracks to add their personal flair to with genres including: 80s rock, jazz, Latin, disco, 70s funk and classical. Once an accompaniment track is chosen, participants are encouraged to post of video of themselves "jamming out" on their personal social media accounts and to tag The Muny. Select videos will be featured on The Muny's various social media accounts in the weeks ahead.

"The Muny jingle is just iconic," said Muny Artistic Director and Executive Producer, Mike Isaacson. “We thought during this time we'd let some of our Muny family have some fun with it and give us their spin on it. We hope everyone will join in!"

To access the six tracks, learn more about how audiences can participate and to see current submissions, please click here.

Please note: This is not a contest to find a new jingle. This is purely for creative enjoyment.

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