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Any accounts with a remaining balance due will be contacted by The Muny Box Office.

If you have any questions please contact The Muny Box Office at

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From our earliest days, Muny subscribers like you have been a constant. Whether you are the latest of six generations of Muny-goers or have just recently started your tradition of musical theatre under the stars, your unwavering support allows us to begin our second century.

Reserve your seats today for The Muny’s 102nd summer season; a new stage, a new century of memories and the same unforgettable magic.

The 2020 season ticket renewal deadline was January 30. Please call The Muny Box Office at 314-361-1900 ext. 500 if you would like to subscribe again.

Season Ticket Renewal Change Requests

Please submit season ticket renewal change requests in writing. To request changes to your season ticket subscription please complete the form on the reverse side of your season ticket invoice and mail with your deposit to secure your present seats. Also, please specify the night(s) you prefer to attend, the price category you wish to purchase, the number of seats you require and the seating area(s) you desire. Subscription changes will be made after the renewal deadline. We will notify you by mail or telephone of any change made to your subscription.

Due to the loyalty of The Muny’s patrons, the renewal rate of season ticket subscribers is extremely high. Therefore, it may not be possible to accommodate all change requests.

Season Ticket Renewal Privilege

Season ticket renewal privilege is extended only to the name(s) printed on the season ticket invoice. This privilege is not transferable except for the following circumstances:

  • Parent/Child – Recognizing The Muny’s unique place in the theatre-going lives of many families, renewal privilege is transferable between a parent and their child at any time.
  • Death/Incapacity – In the event of the death or incapacity of a season ticket subscriber, renewal privilege is transferable to their spouse or child.
  • Corporate Mergers/Acquisitions – Should a corporate or other legal entity season ticket subscriber be acquired or merged, renewal privilege is transferable to the succeeding corporation or other legal entity.

Requests to transfer renewal privilege must be submitted in writing. Please send your request to:

The Muny
ATTN: Subscription Transfer
#1 Theatre Drive
St. Louis, MO 63112

Additional Information

For additional information regarding season ticket renewals, please contact The Muny Box Office in Forest Park at (314) 361-1900 x550.