Dear Muny Subscribers,

After exploring every possible alternative and facing the reality that there are simply too many obstacles to safely produce and present theatre in the way our audience knows, loves and deserves, we must postpone all seven originally scheduled productions in the 2020 season until summer 2021. We share this news with great sadness for missed moments and memories for this summer, but with the understanding that due to forces well beyond our control, we look ahead to 2021 with hope.

As a Muny subscriber, your constant support has sustained this institution for over 100 years, and today we are asking for your help. Beyond the obvious disappointment we share in having to postpone the 2020 season, we now also face a significant financial deficit of over $4 million for this fiscal year. With that stark reality in front of us, we humbly ask you to maintain your investment in The Muny this year by converting the value of your 2020 season tickets to a donation. We have pledged to keep our full-time staff employed through these crucial times, maintain and grow our educational outreach efforts in this moment when they are most-needed and to continue this century-old community tradition. To do this, we need your help.

All 2020 Subscribers who choose to help during this unprecedented time by joining this effort will be recognized and honored as Muny Visionaries for their contribution toward the present and future sustainability of The Muny. This donor class, uniquely created for this endeavor, will join the ranks of philanthropic supporters who have been the backbone of The Muny since its first days.

St. Louis Mayor and original Muny Visionary Henry Kiel believed deeply that a shared experience like The Muny would profoundly impact our entire community—so much so that he went door-to-door asking residents to support his bold vision after a major flood threatened the future of The Muny in its inaugural season. Thanks to an overwhelming response from the community, The Muny was back up and running within days.

More than 100 years later, we know Mayor Kiel would be proud of the extraordinary character this community has shown in the face of immeasurable challenge and change. Choosing to invest in The Muny today honors all who came before you and is a commitment to all who will share this experience in the decades to come.

We humbly hope you will join us as a Muny Visionary by donating your 2020 season tickets; however, you can also request either a credit toward our 2021 season or a refund. You also have the option to donate just a portion of your ticket investment.

Use this form to let us know how to proceed with the value of your 2020 season tickets. Answers to questions about this process—and information about how you will be recognized as a Muny Visionary—are available online.

Please reply with your preference by July 30, 2020. Please also feel free to email our team at for additional information or visit our frequently asked questions.

For the first time in our entire history, the Muny stage will be dark this summer. Today, we need your help to ensure the vision of The Muny’s future remains bright.