Generations of Season Tickets

Some people are lucky enough to experience Muny magic for at least one night.  Some people are lucky enough to experience several nights at the Muny.  And the luckiest can share many, many nights at the Muny throughout the generations with their families.  For Dorothy and her daughter, Judy, and Judy’s daughter, Rachel, they have had all the luck a Muny goer could ever want, having the family tradition of attending Muny shows as season ticket holders for five generations.  Their family has been going to the Muny almost as long as the Muny has been an institution, with the first family members buying tickets in the late 1920s. 

Dorothy remembers being so excited to see the shows, and Judy, her youngest, remembers being able to stay up late on school nights just to attend.  Judy’s fondest Muny memory is not during a show, but when she showed her now-husband, Steve, the family seats and they shared their first kiss.  When Judy and Steve had their children, they kept sharing the tradition.  Their daughter, Rachel, caught the Muny bug and counts down the days to the Muny seasons.  For her, the Muny evokes art, inspiration, community, and tradition.  For some, the Muny is a fun night away.  For others, the Muny is an essential part of the St. Louis community and summers.  For the luckiest families, the Muny serves as a joyful family tradition, weaving and bonding together multiple generations.

Rachel, Judy and Dorothy sporting their matching 100th anniversary sweatshirts.
Dorothy watching The Muny's 2020 Summer Variety Hour series.

Season tickets go on sale Monday, March 21 at 9am, and are available online, in-person or via phone.

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