Enriching Lives • Exceptional Musical Theatre • Accessible to All

The Muny’s mission is to enrich lives by producing exceptional musical theatre, accessible to all, continuing a remarkable tradition in Forest Park As a non-profit theatre we rely on the generosity of supporters like YOU.

Why Give?

Because you want great shows!
Our magnificent theatre allows Broadway’s biggest talents to create unforgettable theatrical moments that you will not see at an other theatre in the world.

Your Gift Will Help Make the Magic!

Because you want EVERYBODY in St. Louis to be able to attend The Muny!
The Muny’s Community Access Program, along with the 1500 free seats, allows more than 100,000 people to experience a Muny show for free each summer. In addition we are proud to have a stellar accessibility program that enables everyone, no matter their physical limitation, to enjoy a Muny show.