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The Muny Trees

The Muny story began over a century ago, between two mighty oak trees, and one of the most important considerations when we rebuilt our stage in 2018 was how to sustainably re-create that iconic leafy canopy.

The 300-year-old oak tree at stage left was suffering from disease, and its roots had grown into the stage concrete. The old tree had to come down. Its twin at stage right was removed in 2002.

Arborists and landscape artists were enlisted to help the grand Muny stage go green once again. Seven new trees — two oaks, two maples and three London planes — now line the rear of the stage. Grafts from the old oak were used to grow the young ones.

Soil support and irrigation systems were “planted” underground as the new stage was being built. This system of soil cells spans the stage and provides the ideal growing environment for our new trees’ roots to spread out safely and to grow for centuries to come.

Cuttings from the 300-year-old oak tree were also used to grow clones that now live on Steward Family Plaza (marked with a plaque for the Mueller Family) and Purina Plaza (marked with a plaque for the Orthwein Family).

Fun fact: Wood from the original oak was used to create a beautiful table in the Orthwein Board Room, inside our administration building.

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