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‘All Shook Up’ Revs Up Muny Audiences

by Harry Hamm, CBS Radio STL

“All Shook Up” is a thoroughly enjoyable show at The Muny this week, one that keeps an audience smiling, laughing and reveling in yesteryear.

All Shook Up

It is the story of a small Midwestern town in 1955 that has a very conservative mayor who controls everybody and everything, until, that is, a young roustabout named Chad, played by Tim Rogan, rides into town on his motorcycle and starts resetting the burg’s value system and inbred prejudice.

Caroline Bowman is Natalie (and a “guy” named Ed….don’t worry, it will make sense) who develops a crush on Chad. Only difficulty is that Chad is seeking the affections of Miss Sandra, the love-starved local museum curator. Miss Sandra is portrayed by Felicia Finley and she is an eyeful.

“All Shook Up” tells its tale accompanied by the songs of Elvis Presley, most notably the opening number, “Jailhouse Rock,” and the song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” that closes Act I likes it’s the 11 o’clock number.

This show features outstanding design and color on the light board of The Muny’s stage. “All Shook Up” is non-stop vitality from start to finish. Lara Teeter appears as “Ed’s” Dad Jim, and steals more than one scene.

Everything about “All Shook Up” is vibrant, colorful and a little on the bold side. A nice level of nostalgia is a perfect accent for this production. The Muny has spared no expense to get the best talent possible for this company and  to pizzazz the evening with lots of imagination and vividness.

Elvis would be proud.

Thank you very much, Uh huh.

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